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Nutritional and Energy Healer

Melissa Smilow is a Nutritional and Energy Healer. She graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2016 and received her Reiki Master certification shortly after.

Melissa chose this path after working with nutrition and energy healers that made a dramatic impact on her health and emotional well-being. She works with clients from a holistic, bio-individual perspective, offering support to meet their needs.  

Melissa believes that food can be both healthy and pleasurable, that you don’t have to sacrifice things you love in order to have balance. Also that there is freedom in releasing energy/trauma that no longer serves you and a strong energetic component to all we say and do.

As a self-proclaimed bougie hippie, she enjoys delish wine, dancing, Pilates, traveling, meditation, tarot, and frolicking on the beach.

My Story

I’ve always felt deep down that I was different, even as a small child. I was shy, cautious and could play by myself for hours without a ton of interaction.

As I got older I expressed myself through creative means… dancing, singing, writing, etc. These were the ways in which I tapped into my soul and could release this feeling of “I don’t always fit in.”

As a young adult the feeling was still there, I just suppressed it more easily. I pursued dance and theater professionally, receiving my degree in Musical Theater and eventually got certified in Pilates. Although I loved what I was doing and had amazing experiences, I also at times felt low self-worth, drawn to and attracting in similar types of people.

The ones I could help and nurture, the ones that I gave and gave to but didn’t receive equally from, the ones that made me feel less lonely, the ones that would eventually leave once they had gotten what they needed from me. I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of not ever feeling truly home and searching for another person to make me feel fulfilled and in some way validate my existence.

I also often struggled with health issues like horrible digestion, low energy, allergies and painful menstrual cycles, many of which correlated to food, emotional triggers, energetic blocks or imbalances in my body, but I could never see that at the time.

I was blessed in many ways, but was also a little lost and never felt completely fulfilled…I “settled” or I would abruptly move on thinking that would change my life for the better.

What I failed to realize for a long time is that home is within, love comes from within, healing the mind, body and soul comes from within. I didn’t need anyone else to make me feel whole.

I wasn’t destined to make little money, suffer with my health or draw in emotionally unavailable partners, I just couldn’t see my way out of it. My ego was in charge way more than my soul and old stories/old beliefs played in my mind day after day.

After a trip to Mexico that ended with food poisoning and a parasite, I realized I desperately needed to make some changes. I ended up working with a nutritional healer, he guided me through dietary changes and adding in supplements. Within a couple months I felt physically like a new person. My stomach didn’t hurt, energy was better, I was no longer suffering everyday and it was an amazing feeling. 

Realizing the powerful effects of eating a nourishing diet and taking holistic supplements, I decided to certify in Nutritional Therapy. The program was amazing and will forever alter my relationship with food. Although I was eating better and on the mend physically, I was still recycling similar patterns over and over again that no longer served me. Giving to others more than receiving, playing small, staying in scarcity mode, attracting in partners that were not emotionally available.

Home is within, love comes from within, healing the mind, body and soul comes from within.

 Around the time I was getting certified in Nutritional Therapy, I was referred to work with an Energy Healer. I had a random chronic pain in my pelvis and I couldn’t figure it out. She identified the pain as trauma from a past life, I had been stabbed in the area bothering me.

After an hour and a half of intense healing work the pain went away and never returned. I left the session feeling lighter, calmer, happier and knowing I had released some trauma and deep emotional scars. I was hooked and knew at some point I too was destined to become a healer.

melissa smilow meditating

What My Clients Are Saying About Me

Melissa is truly gifted with a unique talent and a beautiful heart. I suffered a stroke as a complication during surgery to remove a tumor and Melissa was able to provide deep healing despite being remote. I highly recommend Melissa, not only for reiki but also for her thorough and thoughtful counsel on nutrition.
Darcy H.

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