Client Love

I have had the opportunity to work with Melissa in her six month Healing Journey Program paired with intuitive nutrition, it has been life altering for me in the best ways. Mel has helped me bring awareness to daily habits, beliefs, and trauma I have suppressed over the years. I have seen changes in my business, relationships and most importantly the relationship with myself. I am so thankful for the strength, awareness & healing she has helped me discover within myself through her gift.
Working with Melissa Smilow is amazing. I have experienced so many shifts in my perspective and enjoyed improvement in my life and business. I value her continuous support and ability to help me raise my own self worth so that I can shine and do the work in this world that I am meant to do. Thank You so much Mel for everything you have opened my eyes to. This experience has been so beautiful. You have held me and helped me to grow in ways I never knew that I could
Stephanie R.
Just did my first remote Reiki session with Melissa. It was unbelievable! She’s so tuned in to what’s going on! Her gift is undeniable. I felt 100x better after our session. Informative feedback afterwards explaining everything that was going on within me and ways to move forward. The fact that Melissa can do this remotely is so necessary, now more than ever. Cannot recommend enough!
Melissa H.
Working with Mel as an apprentice has been a truly life changing experience. In just over a few months she has taught me how to ground myself, empower myself, and has helped me heal spiritually and physically through teaching me the practices of Reiki. I am excited to take all that I have learned from her and to integrate this new knowledge into my life. Not only am I happy to be practicing what I have learned to heal and empower myself, but I am fortunate to now have the knowledge to be able to heal and empower others. Practicing the art of Reiki, meditation and mindfulness has opened up a new way of life for me. Mel has helped me harness this new way of life, and for that I am so grateful
Mary H.
Working with Melissa has been an amazing experience! After my first remote Reiki session, I felt so at ease. She is incredibly talented and she gets to the root of my issues, both physically and emotionally. She gave me in depth feedback about what was happening within my subconscious...things that I've kept buried and needed to address that I've never knew was affecting my daily life. She makes you feel comfortable and provides a safe space for you to truly be yourself without judgement. She also helped me adjust my diet and provided suggestions on improving my gut health and overall physical well-being. Mel is truly an amazing human and Reiki expert, and it was an honor to have worked with her! Cannot recommend her enough!
Jenny R.
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