Rise up

Rise up

Constantly searching, pushing, striving….moving towards our destiny.

I want, I need swirling around in our heads until we’re utterly exhausted and then…surrender..

Why do we feel hardship is inevitable? Why do we lean into it?

What if we let go and trusted the divine to take care of us?

But then….FEAR..seizing at our hearts, telling us to give up…

That we aren’t worthy or capable of greatness.

That we are in danger unless we comply with the norm.

But I want a life of beauty and adventure and amazement..

I don’t want to sink into worn out ideas and settling for mediocracy.

Rise up dear sister…release those that cannot or will not see your brilliance.

For you are love and light and magnanimous in earthly form.

You inspire those that also wish to be brave…

You lead with your heart and your intuition….your wisdom from many lifetimes past.

That is not small….

Go forth for sisters that can’t…for those that need to see their innate abilities in the reflection you shine back to them.

For you are the one to change everything…

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