Expansion and Empowerment

Expansion and Empowerment

Expansion…something you feel, honor and desire with every breath. You were thinking too small…not fully recognizing the depths of your worthiness and what that discovery could bring into your life.

Passion, joy , abundance and filling your own cup first and foremost….for no one else can hand these things to you. You have to allow yourself to release the weight and burden that you’re carrying…the idea that struggling is part of attaining…when in reality the energy of oppression is the oppression itself. 


When your heart is open, when gratitude is pouring out of you, when you’re connected to divine love…nothing is impossible. Embracing both the light and the dark sides, allowing them to blend together and trusting in your purpose and highest self.

Expanding into a new purpose, a new way of being, where you never have to play small ever again…

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